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HDPE Pipes, Fittings and Accessories for Water, Sewage, Gas and Oil Systems


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  Polifit S.R.L. is a young company in continuous development. Our main objective is to become a reference producer and supplier in our field of expertise.

  We rely on the high level of professionalism and the vast experience of our employees, as well as on the complete solutions that we are ready to offer.

  We are presently eager to offer a complete range of pipes, fittings and accessories for water, sewage and gas systems. Additionally, we can offer professional solutions for residential irrigations (by aspersion and dripping).

  We therefore invite you to consult this web page in order to have a clear image of our products and services


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Cot 90 grade SDR 11 - 17
Teu cu derivatie FE
Mufa dubla PP
Ramificatie PP la 67 grade
Ramificatie PP la 87 grade
Dop PP
Cot PVC la 15 grade

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