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HDPE Pipes, Fittings and Accessories for Water, Sewage, Gas and Oil Systems


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d[mm]   d[mm]   d[mm]
25x1/2"   90x1 1/2"   160x2"
25x3/4"   90x2"   160x3"
32x1/2"   110x1/2"   160x4"
32x3/4"   110x3/4"   200x1"
40x1/2"   110x1"   200x1 1/4"
40x3/4"   110x1 1/4"   200x1 1/2"
50x1/2"   110x1 1/2"   200x2"
50x3/4"   110x2"   200x3"
50x1"   110x2 1/2"   200x4"
63x1/2"   125x3/4"   225x1"
63x3/4"   125x1"   225x1 1/4"
63x1"   125x1 1/4"   225x1 1/2"
63x1 1/4"   125x1 1/2"   225x2"
75x1/2"   125x2"   225x3"
75x3/4"   140x1"   225x4"
75x1"   140x1 1/4"   250x1"
75x1 1/4"   140x1 1/2"   250x1 1/4"
75x1 1/2"   140x2"   250x1 1/2"
90x1/2"   140x3"   250x2"
90x3/4"   160x1"   250x3"
90x1"   160x1 1/4"   250x4"
90x1 1/4"   160x1 1/2"   315x1"
        315x1 1/4"
        315x1 1/2"


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